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Seeing the Big Picture

Updated: Jun 22

I call myself a Big-Picture Man. I think this comes from my educational background.

Being an industrial engineer, systems thinking training led me to be able to work on system components without losing the system perspective. Hence, I always look for the links between what I do specifically and its contribution to the intended result. This way of looking also led me to contribute to PMI's Practice Guide: Benefits Realization Management since when you focus on the links, then you eliminate the unnecessary, non value-adding tasks and processes and really concentrate on benefit. In other words, you start questioning what you do if it does not contribute to the intended result.

Ask the question "WHY?" first to yourself and then to your employees. Why do you start this task, why do you execute this activity; why do you spend time with this, etc? The answer will help you see the link mentioned above. If the link is missing or not known by the employees then dedication to the job and finding a purpose will not be possible. Seeing the big picture also means that you can create dedication and passion.

The answer to Why question provides you with a compass for the future. Wouldn't it be wise for all the employees to have this compass?

Do you think you can clearly see what your daily activities contribute to the vision of your company?

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