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Highlights from PMO Summit

3rd PMO Summit has been just completed. PMO Summit aims to establish a platform to share knowledge between PMO Leaders so that the similar challenges they face can be solved more effectively. This summit aims to improve the skills of the professionals and guide them to success and also aims to help and guide Project Management Offices to create value for their organizations.

Our first speaker, Douglas Weidner, Exec Chairman of the International Knowledge Management Institute (KM Institute), presented “The Coming Transformation of Program Management - imperatives for PMO change leadership in the Knowledge Age” Douglas mentioned that the acceleration of disrupted technologies – robots, drones, and AI already has and will continue to drastically change our environment and as a result, human occupations will drastically change. We must act now! Knowledge Management (KM) is becoming an imperative; it is the emerging discipline that will manage this transformation.

Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Co-Founder of Strategy Implementation Institute, PMI Past Chair and World Champion in Project Management | Thinkers50, presented “The end of the traditional PMO, welcome to the technology-driven Strategy Implementation Office”.

Antonio mentioned that the Project life cycle is about to change and there will be more focus on benefits. Project managers should also get involved in the ideation phase as well as the phases after the Project is completed. These are the phases where benefits are realized.

Robin Speculand, Global Pioneer and Specialist in Strategy and Digital Implementation, Co-Founder of Strategy Implementation Institute, CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy presented “How to implement digital”. Digitalization is rapidly becoming almost a hygiene factor in leading organizations. Robin mentioned that fewer than one in five digital implementations are succeeding and the top reason for such a high failure rate is that leaders fail to change their mindset and their organization’s culture. They don’t recognize it’s about transforming the whole business model, not applying “digital lipstick.” The presentation also shared digitalization best practices using cases and secrets from around the world while sharing insights from the Digital Implementation Playbook.

Dr. İbrahim Kebbe, Enterprise Big Data Professional and Senior Lecturer, American University of Beirut presented “Digital Transformation Added-Value Realized through Enterprise Big Data”. Dr. Kebbe mentioned that the data is the fuel and he introduced a framework on how to reach a data-driven enterprise. Big data is one of the powerful ways to make better decisions for Project managers.

Özkan Öncü, Project and Portfolio Manager at KKB, presented “KKB’s Journey to Gamification and AI” KKB is a credit bureau with the participation of nine leading banks of Turkey and the biggest credit bureau in Europe with its total number of inquiry. Özkan shared the bureau’s best practices on how they used gamification and AI in their projects. 80% more Projects delivered on time, 20% more projects planned in the portfolio and 30% shorter product development duration were achieved with these implementations.

PMO Summit will continue to gather PMO leaders and guide them to create value for their organizations.

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